Thursday, April 20, 2017

Motorbike rental in Baguio City Philippines

Renting a car in the Philippines is difficult but you can rent a motorbike nearly anywhere.
Arriving anywhere simply ask the Hotel clerk about a motorbike for rent. They will direct you to Baguio Motors.
Beware! If you are a real biker used to cruise with a 800, 1200 or 1800 ccm, then you will have to forget your dreams. All you get here are smaller bikes or scooters to get you around town.
If you are not used to drive a motorbike, but your driver license allows you to drive a 125 ccm, then we recommend not to rent a motorbike. It is too dangerous. Not only the strange traffic rules can be dangerous, but there are lots of people and animals on the roads. Read our "Driving in the Philippines – a Beginner’s Guide".

What and how much?

Typical motorbikes you can rent anywhere are Honda and Yamaha assembled in the Philippines. They have 125 ccm motors and have a lot of plastic around the body. They are good for 2 to 3 persons.
Rates depend on the place, the rental duration and your bargain skills. Daily rental starts at PHP 600.
If you rent in a resort, then you have to add PHP 50 to 150. Often these motorbikes belong to the staff of the resort.
Add an additional 250 php for delivery to your location.
CAUTION: Ask for a helmet. First it protects you and second you have to wear a helmet by law. You also need a copy of the bike's registration (LTO) papers with you.
WARNING: You have NO insurance cover. In an accident you have to pay your medical treatment and the repair/replacement of the motorbike.

Riding a bike or scooter is traveling in a snazzy way. What’s better than hitting the road on your own terms at affordable prices? Whether you are a leisure traveler, a roadie or a sightseer for whom capturing breathtaking moments wouldn’t go amiss, Baguio Motors has got your back !
More Exhilarating, More Surprising & More Rewarding Experiences
We love spreading the passion for traveling and as a bunch of explorers ourselves we are fixated with wheels and know how much having an astounding experience matter to you. Whether you love to jump on the bikes with your backpacks or hop into a Self driven four wheeler with your spouse and toddlers or choose to paddle around with a bunch of mates on a bicycle, you will be spoilt for choices at Baguio Motors. We are specialized in bike rentals, self guided, tailor made and escorted tours & self driven car rentals to enkindle more exhilarating and more rewarding travel experiences

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